Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hanging at Kings Park

Well it was a ripper day for me and Oscar, having our special day out... without the other kiddies. That's right just the old man and the wild child, and after a feed at Hungry Jacks we hit the playground at King's Park.

This Park is just unreal and the kiddies love coming to it, and without the other nevilles we could just kid around and have fun.

Oscar having a gander out the window of the castle, he's always a happy little fella hay.

Another photo with the little fella in the castle, goodluck to the little sheilah trying to get passed this fat little thing.

Here's me little mate Oscar.

Having a swing.

We had a beaut time hanging out together and we should do this more often, but it is hard at times to have the chance to leave the other ones at home. So when we get the chance we grab it with both hands hay, and we did... maybe we might get the chance next year!

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